Welcome to SBIS

An updated and easy to use structure, means that information on this site is readily..

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Our Vision & Mission

At Sharjah British International School, our vision is to make possible complete students..

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Our Values

At Sharjah British International School, we: Support, Honour, Appreciate..

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We, here at Sharjah British International School, would really enjoy having your children with us

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Letters to the School

“Students are microcosms that reflect all that is good in human society.” 

How we educate ...
Abdullah bin Khalifa Deemas Al Swaidi

Chairman of SBIS

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“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” 

Education has always been ...
Sheikha Deemas Yohan Al Yeris Al Subosi

Principal of SBIS

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Education commences with selecting the right school in this rapidly changing world of progress, advancement and mater...
Dr Rafat Zamani

Assistant Principal of SBIS

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Paudie Dennehy

Head Teacher of SBIS

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Admission at SBIS
The admission process is simple:
  • Download or collect the admission form.
  • Complete and return the form to SBIS
  • Make an appointment for your child to complete the relevant entrance exam
  • Providing there is space in the year group, and your child has passed the school exam they will be able to start at the next convenient time.
Subject to all paperwork, Visa requirement and fees process being completed.
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The School Environment:
SBIS aims to foster and promote academic excellence. We do, however, firmly believe that this can only go hand in hand with good social values. Therefore, whilst you are part of the SBIS family, you should be aware of and follow the SBIS Golden Rules.

The Golden Rules:
As we are a family, there are certain rules that need to be adhered to by all: from the management level, all the way down to every member of staff and every student. These rules protect everyone who is a part of the SBIS family. We do this because they promote the best learning environment for everyone.
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