Letters to the School

“Students are microcosms that reflect all that is good in human society.” 

How we educate our children determines the values and virtues of our society’s future. The growth and development of the UAE has made it vi
Abdullah bin Khalifa Deemas Al Swaidi
Chairman of SBIS
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“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” 

Education has always been my passion and providing international education is very much required in today’s competitive world. At Sharjah British Intl
Sheikha Deemas Yohan Al Yeris Al Subosi
Principal of SBIS
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Education commences with selecting the right school in this rapidly changing world of progress, advancement and materialism. 

There is growth in growth, there is development and in development there is life long learning, all of whi
Dr Rafat Zamani
Assistant Principal of SBIS
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