Assistant Principal Message

Education commences with selecting the right school in this rapidly changing world of progress, advancement and materialism. 

There is growth in growth, there is development and in development there is life long learning, all of which I believe is the hallmark of an excellent school. 

Human race today is passing through a transitional phase of continuous and speedy reformation. 

I take immense pleasure in welcoming parents, Students and community members to the Sharjah British Intl School. The school is a special place and I am exceedingly proud of the educational program it offers. My aim is to harmonize the social perspective, develop scientific temper and integration of technology without hampering spiritual growth. Our school provides a strain free environment enabling pupils to feel secured in the pulse of friendly ambience.

Our Curriculum is founded on the four core values of leadership qualities, universal values, forward thinking and world citizenship, which eventually brings about a breadth of vision to the educational program and extracurricular activities offered at the Sharjah British International School. 

SBIS provides its students British Curriculum and maintains a high educational standard in coordination with the Cambridge University for IGCSE in grades 9, 10 & 11. 

IGCSE syllabuses are flexible and hence we are able to cater the choices of the students which offer various combinations of the subjects enabling our esteemed institution to be successful Cambridge International Centre.

Assistant Principal and IGCSE Coordinator of Sharjah British International School 
Dr Rafat Zamani