Principal Message

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” 

Education has always been my passion and providing international education is very much required in today’s competitive world. At Sharjah British Intl School, we provide an environment conducive to the enhancement of the scholastic as well as co - curricular aims. 

After five years of salient service in the field of education, SBIS is moving ahead. I take great pride that SBIS is an approved Cambridge International Examination Centre.

We believe that every child is an individual. Each is capable of great things - our aim is to help them find these strengths and develop them fully. Our curriculum broadly defines what students should learn as they move from grade level to grade level.

Our faculty consists of highly qualified and experienced teachers. We place our students at the centre of the learning experience under the expert guidance of an extraordinary faculty. In the IGCSE system students use their minds to understand the subjects instead of just learning facts. 

I extend my gratitude to all parents for their unconditional support and faith in SBIS and trust to receive your unconditional support and faith in years to come.

Thus we strive to fulfill our primary goal of providing “Education for Life.”

Mrs Sheikha Deemas Yohan Al Yeris Al Subosi
Principal of Sharjah British International School