SBIS Supervisors

Sharjah British International School has appointed supervisors in each section of the school. They are well-trained, and it is their job to manage their designated section of the school. Their duties include: 

  • Making sure the section is safe.
  • Ensuring students and teachers attend classes on time and that students remain in their classroom for the duration of their lessons.
  • Dealing with behavioural issues, and in coordination with the Social Worker and Principal, to take measures to avoid the repetition of negative behaviour including student counselling and the apportioning of appropriate punishments.
  • Where necessary, to keep parents informed of behavioural issues through either verbal or written communication.
  • Keeping a record of all incidents regarding students of that section, whether inside or outside. This includes a log-book of students’ negative behaviour. This is an important task of the supervisor.
  • At any time, a parent who wants a report regarding a student’s behaviour from the supervisor, may do so by making a request in writing to the administration.

Please note that SBIS has a firm desire school to help students overcome any negative traits in their behaviour and will follow this general discipline policy. Also, if a student is facing a problem of any kind, then our caring supervisors are there to solve any problems that the students may face, whether from other students or from any other cause. SBIS has a strict ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on bullying or name calling of any kind. Quite simply, it will not be tolerated. 

It is therefore very important that every student learns how to communicate with their supervisor and informs them of any matters of concern. Taking matters into their own hands is inexcusable, and students who retaliate without informing the supervisor of a problem are considered as guilty as the initial perpetrator.