Student Health Care

First Aid and Medical Treatment 

We have a fully-qualified medical practitioner on school premises and the equipment to treat minor conditions. We endeavour to contact parents immediately, so appropriate action can be taken in line with their wishes in the case of a medical problem.  In the event of a more serious problem where parents cannot be contacted, students will be immediately transported to Al Qassimi Hospital in Sharjah. If there is any payment due for these services, please note that parents are liable, not the school. Situations like this, while rare, are very good reasons for you to ensure that up-to-date contact numbers are available and that you have good medical insurance. 

The administration and school nurse are to be informed of any medical conditions that students suffer from, as well of any allergies to certain medicines. Additionally, any medicine or prescribed drugs that are being taken by students should also be mentioned. If this information is not transmitted to our dedicated medical staff, the school can not be held responsible for the consequences.