Terms and Conditions for Admission

We, here at Sharjah British International School, would really enjoy having your children with us. In order that you would appreciate our sincere efforts we have laid down certain conditions for this.

  • The SBS Family has tried to make this as simple as possible.
  • The correctly completed Admission form should be handed over to the Registrar with the non- refundable Registration fee of 500 Dhs. Please ensure that you have submitted all the required documents duly signed.
  • The Yearly School Fees may be paid by cash or cheque in one payment prior to the beginning of the School Year or Term if the admission is a part way through the Academic School Year. If required the School Fees may be paid in 3 installments according to the dates and amounts shown in the Fees schedule. To take an advantage of this facility.
  • Post dated cheques should be deposited with the accounts department. If by the First week of March all the necessary dues have not been cleared, SBS will not issue any transfer letters or end of the year report showing the final Exam marks, nor will SBS be obliged to submit Final Grades to the Ministry.
  • If any other payment schedule is required please contact the Principal or Accounts Department.
  • If the School Fees are to be paid by a company the School’s accountant will make the necessary arrangements.
  • A penalty of 200 Dhs will be levied on all cheques returned by the Bank. Late payment will be penalised by a 500 Dhs as late payment Fees.
  • Book Fees, Transport Fees and Uniform costs should be paid at the time of Registration.
  • In the event of a Student withdrawal from SBS, after Registration but before the end of the academic year a full terms prior notice must be given in advance and School fees will be assessed accordingly. Failure to inform the School Management of such a withdrawal within the specified time period will result in the payment of the whole academic year’s fees.
  • If a student wishes to withdraw from SBS transport a full Terms prior notice must be given.
  • The entire SBS student family is obliged to wear the prescribed correct School uniform: Summer, Winter and P.E., purchased from the SBS Uniform Boutique and should be worn according to the SBS School Calendar.
  • There is no refund on School Uniform under any circumstances.
  • Students must attend SBS at the specified times and dates set out in the SBS School Calendar.
  • The entire SBS Staff will nurture and take full care of all the students equally and instill in them a life long observance of expected social behavioural codes. If a student, for any reason, is expelled during the School Academic Year there will be no refund of the whole year fees and charges. If a family member is expelled it will render the ‘Family Discount’ null and void.